5 simple changes to help the environment

5 Simple Changes to Help the Environment

Now, more than ever, we need to help the environment. We can do this by raising our environmental awareness. Somehow, people have lost sight of the importance of the relationship we share with the Earth. Change that will help the world we live in for the better which is why I’m going to start with 5 simple changes to help the environment.

Every action makes a difference it is also the first step in the right direction. This is a great starting place to learn how to develop environmental awareness which will translate into supporting and helping the environment. I’m not going to provide every option in this post, so please incorporate your own ideas and feel free to share them with me!

Helping the environment helps us too.

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5 Simple Changes to Help the Environment

5 Simple Changes to Help the Environment

1. Pay Attention

One of the first things you can do is start to pay more attention to the products and brands you use.

We need to support companies that use their power and status to minimize their carbon footprint and especially the companies that choose to help the environment.

Beware of greenwashing when trying to help the environment

More so, researching the chemicals and processes that go into the products you use and the food you consume is so important. You want to make sure what is going into your body is safe and preferably natural/organic. When you start paying attention to these aspects, you will quickly realize the importance of supporting more sustainable and ethical companies. 

2. Reduce Your Waste

Reducing your waste is the next step when you start to pay attention to unnecessary packaging and purchases. Ask yourself do I really need this and then ask yourself if this is the best way to purchase it?

If you cannot limit your waste proactively, you can make better reactive choices. With what you consider “waste” ask yourself if you can either gift it, donate it, reuse it, recycle it, or compost it.

I want you to go through every possible option before you throw anything in the trash. 

3. Environmental Activism

Did you know you could help the environment from the comfort of your couch? You can actually make a huge difference especially with the help of the internet and social media.

Put the time into finding reliable and accurate sources because we never want to spread misinformation. Once you find sources you can trust, use your voice and platform to inform others. You would be surprised how much impact you can have.

Nothing diminishes eco-anxiety faster than action - help the environment

4. Opt for Greener Travel

Before we dive into this, I know that there are some people limited to their options for travel and that is okay. People with the circumstances and ability to change in this area should take this option, and for people who cannot make this switch right now, you can come back around to it if your situation changes. 

Do your part without stretching yourself thin, do not blame yourself if sometimes you must choose your well-being. HOWEVER, there are many of us who can make better choices and we opt for more convenient and luxurious ways.

It is time for those who are able to make better habits even if it is not “ideal”. Try walking and biking more, it will be great for your health and it will decrease your carbon footprint.

If the destination is too far you can try public transit. Public transit can be much less stressful if your location has a good transit system in place.

5. Spend More Time Outside

You would be shocked to learn how beneficial it can be for your body, mind, and health to spend more time outdoors.

I recommend reading Forest Therapy by Sarah Ivens for easy-to-read scientific data on this!

The importance of protecting and helping the environment will grow as you build a stronger personal relationship with nature. 

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I hope I have inspired you to begin to help the environment. I started with 5 simple solutions that you can implement right now. Once you start building these environmentally friendly habits you will be ready to put more into helping the environment! 
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5 Simple Changes to Help the Environment

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