Belchers Marsh

Belchers Marsh Hiker’s Guide: Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada

I’m super excited to write about my favorite spot in the Halifax area: Belchers Marsh Park!

The trail is thriving with natural beauty and wildlife despite being in a more urban area!

I hike here almost weekly so I am excited to share my photos!

Belchers Marsh

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Quick Belchers Marsh Trail Facts

Approximately 2.5 km.

A mix of an out & back trail and a loop.

Frequently used by other hikers.

Beautiful Wildlife!

Easy hike.

The distance can be modified depending on the chosen start and end positions.

Wear appropriate footwear and bring water!

Locating Trail Entrance and Parking

Belchers Marsh

Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia the main trail entrance is located on Parkland Drive as pictured in the map below. It is on the bus route and easy to find, but if you’re unfamiliar with the city use a GPS and type in Belcher’s Marsh

There is parking along the road, but no exact parking lot. However, Halifax has sufficient room for on-street parking!

Looking at the trail map (sourced from Halifax North West Trail Association) you will realize there are many different entrances to choose from depending on where you want to start, what route/direction you choose, and the distance you decide to walk.

You will notice a “P” on the map for available parking, but the red line representing Parkland Drive is also available for on-street parking.

Belchers Marsh Park Trail

Belchers Marsh Park Trail

Trail Overview

On the trail map, you will notice there is a “Belchers Marsh” (pictured on top) and a “Little Belchers Marsh” (pictured on bottom). This is why I refer to this trail as a mixture of an out and back trail and a loop. Depending on the route you take, it can be either or both!

Belchers Marsh

When I hike I always start at Belchers Marsh and make a large loop that reaches Little Belchers Marsh and back. This loop can take between 30 minutes to an hour depending on your personal pace and if you choose to do one loop or multiple!

My only complaint is you have to cross two roads to reach Little Belchers Marsh, but if you can do so safely it is definitely worth it!

If you’re not comfortable crossing the road, you can always just walk the loop around Belchers Marsh!

Belcher’s Marsh is an easy hike with maintained trails, clear paths, and very few hills. If you are looking for a casual hike this is a great trail!

Do not underestimate this trail because the beauty and wildlife are like no other!

Deer at Belchers Marsh

Belchers Marsh Park Walkthrough

I’m going to take you on a trail walkthrough if you want a better idea of this beautiful trail. My walkthrough will start at Belcher’s Marsh and include Little Belchers Marsh.

I am not exaggerating when I say I visit this trail weekly!

Belchers Marsh

Pictured is my preferred entrance to the trail! There is a garbage bin (no littering) and a trail sign with a wooden rail to bring you to the inner trail. 

Belchers Marsh

The trail is surrounded by trees and even though you are in the city, you still have a serene hike!

The gravel trail is easy to walk on and clearly marked, you may reach wooden bridges at different points, but they are all maintained very well!

Belchers Marsh

When you reach the marsh you will see a beautiful view with a lot of wildlife if you’re lucky! You may see fish swimming, hear frogs croaking, or even see a river otter eating!

Ducks at Belchers Marsh

You will also see a little lookout where you can walk up and get closer to the marsh. To all my photographers: this will be your favorite spot!

Belchers Marsh

You will also see a sweet decoration in the marsh, it fooled me at first, but it is definitely made of wood!

Wooden Boat Floating in Belchers Marsh

After you explore Belchers Marsh you can head to Little Belchers Marsh which has its own beauty!

There are clearly marked signs, but I suggest using a GPS or trail map your first time so you can become familiar with trail entrances and exits when crossing the road to reach the connections. 

Belchers Marsh

You will walk through a sea of trees to reach another marsh that has its own wooden bridge and bench where you can admire the scenery. 

Little Belchers Marsh

Again, you have a chance to see beautiful wildlife here as well. Beavers, deer, and different species of birds just to name a few! I usually stand on the bridge to capture the best photographs.

Bridge at Little Belchers Marsh

Bird at Belchers Marsh

Little Belchers Marsh is breathtaking when the autumn leaves are at their peak!

Belchers Marsh

I hope that this post has helped and inspired you to choose Belchers Marsh Park Trail for your next hike. If you take any pictures please tag #followingalexx or @followingalexx
For more hikes in the Halifax area, you can check out the HWNTA website!
Follow more of my adventures here!

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