Eco-friendly goals

Eco-Friendly Goals to Set for a Better Planet

If you’re on this post you either want to set personal goals, help the environment, or both! Setting eco-friendly goals will benefit you and the planet and I have a huge list of goals to choose from.

I offer a wide range of goals that hopefully will suit your circumstances because different goals will suit different people. 

Achieving any goal should be celebrated and will make a difference. Big or small, all goals matter.

You can follow this list as I will update it frequently, but this is a great starting point to find an eco-friendly goal or be inspired to reach sustainability in your own way!

To know more about me, my story, and why you can trust me as a source for this kind of information you can check out my path to environmentalism here!


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Eco-Friendly Goals for Sustainability 

eco-friendly goals

I offer two types of goals: smaller situational goals and lifestyle changes that require more commitment and energy. Certain goals, which I will highlight, can be achieved regardless of your circumstances. Whatever contribution you can make to your life and the planet matters. 

Sustainable Choices

Sustainable choices for eco-friendly goals


You can prevent unnecessary use of energy by unplugging any and all appliances when not in use. Yes, even when appliances are turned off there will still be energy consumed if they’re left plugged in

Spend More Time in Nature

The more you appreciate something the more inclined you will be to protect it. Helping nature can also help you!

Speak up for Sustainability

This costs little resources and effort as you can promote sustainable living by speaking up to educate others on how to live more sustainably.

Speaking up includes suggesting sustainable practices to others, sharing education information, promoting sustainable living, informing others of businesses/practices that are unsustainable, and any form of educating and activism! 

Say No to Littering and Participate in a Cleanup

If you are on my page you probably do not litter, but if you do here is your sign to quit. You can hold onto that trash and put it in its place. 

To evolve this goal even further you can bring a bag with you and pick up a piece of trash when you go on a walk, hike, or park visit. 

Look into volunteer options with local trail and nature groups if you really want to help your environment! 

Recycle or Compost

Figure out what your community offers in terms of recycling and composting and make sure to learn a little more about how to properly separate items. 

Once you know how to move forward confidently, you can start paying attention to your waste and putting it in the right place!

Donate and Thrift 

Where and when you can salvage an item you do not want anymore consider giving it to someone else or donating it to a thrift store, person, or group that could use it!

We throw out many items and cut their lifecycle short which increases demand and waste. 

Find Household Sustainable Swaps 

I will provide examples in a future post, but you can start researching and swapping common household items for their sustainable counterpart. 

Here are some ideas: 

  • Reusable Paper Towels
  • Vegan/Eco Cosmetics 
  • Reusable Straws

These are basic examples of changes you can make. The more you research the more you will find sustainable and affordable swaps!

Lifestyle Changes for Sustainable Living

Lifestyle Changes for Eco-Friendly Goals

Eco-friendly goals that double as lifestyle changes focus on lowering or offsetting your personal carbon footprint. 

Shop Locally

Depending on your location and the financial situation there may be local options for all your shopping needs including, but not limited to clothing, produce, household items, and gifts. 

Avoid Fast Fashion

The clothing industry contributes to major emissions and pollution, but you can shop for your fashion sustainably through shopping sustainable brands, upcycling, and thrifting!

If you want to learn more about the impacts of fast fashion and why you should change your shopping habits you can check out my post here!

Learn As Much As You Can!

Working towards eco-friendly goals is a lot easier when you can understand the impact of your changes and the impact of your current habits. 

Educating yourself can be simple if you have access to podcasts, videos, blogs, free courses, books, and more! There are endless options, but please make sure what you’re using is peer-reviewed and can be trusted.

Change Your Diet 

Do what is right for you and your health, but keep in mind sustainability where possible.

I’m not going to preach for you to be a vegan or vegetarian. What I am going to do is tell you to try and incorporate vegan/vegetarian meals or substitutes in a couple of meals a week and see how you feel. 

What I also want you to do is purchase any animal products from local businesses that treat their animals right and farm sustainably. 

Offset Carbon Emissions

Where you cannot reduce you can offset. 

To quickly explain what this means offsetting carbon is the act of investing or playing a role in sustainable/renewable practices! It is usually measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent and you can learn more Gold Standard.

These goals are great changes to incorporate into your life to become more sustainable. These eco-friendly goals will benefit you just as they will benefit the planet. 
Keep checking for updated goal lists and leave suggestions in the comments below!

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