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19 Hiking and Outdoor Photo Captions for Instagram

Summer is fast approaching and I know a lot of us are spending more time outside hiking and camping. I wanted to compile a list of hiking and outdoor photo captions for Instagram so you do not have to second guess posting your beautiful pictures!

These are short & sweet captions because I like to let nature pictures speak for themselves. I also included the best emojis that you can use on any caption or even take one or two and make it your whole caption!

It can be hard to think of a caption, trust me I have been there. I usually use Pinterest to find them so I started compiling my favorites and my own to give others this resource.

I love to hike and take pictures so feel free to follow my Instagram for more caption inspiration!

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Hiking and Outdoor Photo Captions for Instagram

19 hiking and outdoor photo captions

  • in the mountains
  • serenity 
  • just another adventure
  • my favorite place to be
  • take a hike
  • follow the path
  • hitting the trails
  • my favourite view
  • fresh air
  • enjoying the day
  • sun, please
  • so far, so good
  • already excited for another day like this
  • my most beautiful adventure yet
  • clearly enjoying summer
  • my hike was too beautiful not to share
  • best way to spend the day
  • always hiking
  • thankful for trails

I hope you use my captions and if you do please hashtag #followingalexx!

Please comment on any caption ideas or caption requests you would like to see!

hiking and outdoor photo captions

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