The 6 Best Apps for School: RoundUp

Hi everyone, Alexx here. I started my Master’s degree this year and it was a little scary to get back into school after being out of University for several years. Now that I have my routine in place I decided to share the best apps for school in a roundup post!

Working on an effective routine was a personal goal of mine and it prompted me to get organized and find these apps. Having completed a Bachelor’s degree and now returning for my Master’s, I have a good idea of what kind of apps to look for.

I use an iPad and a laptop for the majority of my schooling so I will offer all my apps that I use with the links and hopefully they are compatible with what you are using!

This apps for school roundup will offer more than just study tools as mental health and productivity is just as important as the school information. You can use these apps no matter where you are in your academic career!


Disclaimer: some links on this page may be affiliate links which means I can earn commission if they’re used for purchases. The decision to use these links is entirely up to the reader.

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6 Apps for School Roundup

Note Taking and Organization


GoodNotes is the perfect app if you are looking for a great notetaking app where you can also save your documents and forms. 

I love using this app because I can easily switch back and forth between documents and personal notes

You can create folders, customizable notebooks, or even quick notes to stay organized!

Besides the ease of access, I love being able to write and draw freely with great tools and color options. My notes are beautiful and color-coded just the way I like!

I also use the this app for organizing my ideas.

Google Drive – Google Sheets – Google Docs

I like to use Google Drive for any spreadsheets, papers, and documents that I need to be able to open on all devices. 

Google Drive is a cloud system that lets you save your items and use it on any device that you log into. This will save you the stress of losing any data and you can access everything from any device with your login information!

You can get a lot of storage for free, but you can also pay for storage plans if you need more! I pay a cheap price for enough storage for all of my photos!

Focus and Stress Management


If you want a great productivity app that also plants real trees for your success then this is the app to use!

I use Flora for focus because it starts to plant a tree which will be killed if you try to use your phone. If killing a fake plant isn’t motivation enough, they offer several options to motivate you!

  • Schedule focus goals which you need to reach
  • Play in “tours” where you unlock new types of plants
  • Join a growing room with a friend, so you have some accountability with other people
  • Put a price on it! You can actually set it so that if you kill the plant you have to pay real money

This app is free, but you can pay for other extensions to add on to the experience. 

Wait! One more thing! 

Flora actually works with organizations to plant real trees when you focus for enough minutes. 

Use this app to stay focused on your task at hand while simultaneously helping the planet! is a great source for music and meditation practices to help you concentrate and work without stress and distractions. 

I firmly believe in incorporating some type of meditation into your day, but if that is not something for you, this app still has a lot to offer!

They have music options for different tasks like studying or relaxing. 

If you’re like me and find your mind wanders very easily, I recommend trying out these curated mixes.

My productivity and focus has been significantly better since I started using


Google Calendars

Honestly, I am more of a paper planner kind of person, but if I have to make quick additions to my plans I add it to a Google Calendar. 

Using this is Google Drive and a Gmail account allows me to access the calendar easily and over multiple devices!

Presentations and Graphics


Once I started using Canva I never looked back!

Canva is an amazing tool for creating just about anything you need!

I often use it for work and blogging, but it has other uses that can be applied to school:

  • Making Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Brochures

Their site can be used for free or you can pay for a wider variety of graphics, fonts, and more! I used the free option for a very long time, if you do not have the funds it can still be amazing!

You can search for anything and it is sure to be there and they have great diversity and options which is forever growing.

It is also very easy to use and understand, I cannot recommend this enough!

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I hope this roundup of apps for school helps you with your studies. If you know of any great apps that I may have missed please leave a comment below. You can never have too many great apps!
To anyone reading this, take time for yourself and good luck in your academic journey!

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