The Amazing Benefits of Nature: Get Outside!

Hi everyone, Alexx here. Today I want to share the amazing benefits of nature with everyone to inspire others to incorporate nature into their daily lives.

I know it is easier to spend time outside during certain times of the year, but I hope when you learn the great benefits that you can carry it with you all year round!

To know more about me, my story, and why you can trust me as a source for this kind of information you can check out my path to environmentalism here!

My suggestion for everyone is to record in your journal or notes app how different activities in nature make you feel. Test out some of these findings to see if it works for you!

Some people may need to take long walks and hikes, some may need to meditate, and some may need to just spend some time sitting or looking outside. It is all about what works best for you!


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The Amazing Benefits of Nature

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I’m sure most people have heard of nature being “good for the soul” and many of us just laugh it off even though we do understand.

Being outside in nature undoubtedly leaves you with a feeling that lingers on after. There are moments where nature has rescued us from ourselves and even more so it could of been helping you in ways unbeknownst to you!

Nature has been known to aid our mental health, our physical health, and even our creativity! Let’s dive into each!

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Mental Health Benefits of Nature

All sources can be found below!

Improves Mood

Being exposed to nature has been proven to reduce levels of depression, fatigue, anxiety, confusion, and anger!

Nature can combat all these negative emotions. Although there is some science to it, letting yourself enjoy the beauty in life and nature plays a big role. You need to build that relationship with nature that may take some time.

It is also important to take off your sunglasses and look at the flowers and trees with your own eyes. There are benefits in really visually sensing these effects.

Relax and Improve Sleep

Simply looking at nature can reduce stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

This calming effect would help you relax whether you need a break or you’re very stressed.

I know how scary it is when you just want to calm down and there is not always a quick fix, but if nature can offer some sort of a solution then it is important to try!

Being outside in and looking at nature is also important for our natural internal clocks. Many researchers have found that being outside in daylight hours (it does not necessarily need to be a sunny day) will help your melatonin levels which is linked to your sleep cycle.

And of course, if you choose to exercise outside this can help you burn off some energy that will also assist in your sleep cycle later that night.

Help Self-Esteem

It is no mystery that our mental health and well-being attribute to how we feel about ourselves.

Often when we are struggling with our mental health it is hard to love ourselves and feel confident.

Improving your mood and being able to relax is a step in the right direction of self-love and care.

Aid in Specific Mental Health Disorders

You can look into specific mental health disorders and see what kind of benefits nature holds for you, but I offer an example here.

People with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The part of the brain involved with ADHD is also related to attention and fatigue impacting your right prefrontal cortex. Nature can allow for a reduction in fatigue and improve focus which would ease some side-effects.

Physical Health Benefits of Nature

Improves Immune System

Nature can help us fight viruses and even kill tumor cells!

Plants give off phytoncides which is an airborne chemical to protect themselves against insects. This means that breathing in fresh air we also breathe in phytoncides, which is a very good thing.

Breathing in these chemicals increase the number of active white blood cells (or natural killer cells) that fight against cancer and viruses!

Promotes Healthy Lifestyles

Evidently, from all the benefits mentioned above, making the effort to go out into nature as a part of your lifestyle is a step towards a healthy lifestyle.

To foster this healthy lifestyle it is important to incorporate it in a consistent routine and aside other healthy habits!

If you’re reading this you’re probably working on a healthy lifestyle and I’m proud of you!

Many ways we incorporate nature will involve exercise. Walking, hiking, running, playing sports, etc. If we incorporate exercise into our time spent outside we are definitely working towards a healthy lifestyle.

Fosters Healthy Aging

We all get older, but we are as young as we feel! Enjoying nature can make you feel healthy and happy and aid in the aging process!

Creativity Benefits of Nature

Increased Clarity of Thought, Intuitions, and Creativity

An amazing article listed in the sources below offers us psychological insight into why nature helps with our creativity.

The diversity of nature and opportunity for events allows us to be more open to creative ideas coming our way. An unlimited amount of possibilities give us the possibility of unlimited ideas!

Even just looking out your window or going to a park can open your mind. The animals, plants, and events that unfold can spark ideas.

Going on a walk or relaxing in nature can also give your working brain a break and go into auto-pilot. When your brain is on auto-pilot, it gives your creative brain freedom to roam.

The more open you are to nature, the more ideas you can let flow.

Energy and Focus

With our busy lives and trying to focus on more than one thing at once, we find ourselves overwhelmed.

The cognitive part of our brain is responsible for taking care of these busy tasks that we are constantly trying to focus on.

Luckily, nature offers us a safe place. When we are out in nature our cognitive brain takes a break while we enjoy the beauty in front of us. This break is a healthy way to revive your focus and your patience!

All the benefits of nature so far can fill your cup and provide you with the energy you need to be happy and healthy!

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed or unable to get a task done, take a break and enjoy nature. Not only will you relieve stress, you will also regain focus and attention span!

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